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Combining traditional surveying principles, over 20 years of experience, and the latest in surveying technology, Azimuth Surveyors lead the pack. With an office in the heart of Sydney, our services are available throughout all areas of New South Wales

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What We Do

Detail survey

Detail surveys are a basic prerequisite for building and land development. In most cases, the purpose of detail surveys is to indicate features on, and adjacent to, a property. There are a number of site features and levels required by architects and planners.

Set out survey

A set-out survey is a critical procedure used to transfer a building or architectural design onto the land or existing structures by setting out its exact position in the ‘real world’.


A Final Identification Survey Report is also a requirement of Council following completion of construction works.

WAE survey

Council and external certifiers will require a WAE survey as part of the process in receiving your Occupational certificate, In terms it is a survey which will display the difference in what has been built on site and what has been designed by the engineer.

Internal survey

As well as measured building plans showing the internal layout of the existing floor plan with features such as existing columns, internal walls, windows, doors ...

Subdivision survey

Subdivision Surveys & easement surveys and other land surveys.